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By: Nick Gradney (@StatZ_G)


24′ WR Tristen Brown (@Br33zy_ent)Houston Lamar High School can make a strong case as to why he is the best wide receiver in the city. Brown also known as T5 is a Vanderbilt commit who have no ceiling to how great he can be. He’s a great route runner with some of the best hands I’ve ever seen at this level. T5 is clearly the most dangerous threat on an undefeated Lamar Texans team with very high aspirations. Brown adds to a long list of great receivers to ever come out of Lamar. With having the ability to take it the distance on a kick return, the opposing team must know where he’s at on the field at all times. There’s not a weakness anyone can pinpoint in Tristen Brown’s game. I recently caught up with T5 to further discuss his football background on and off the gridiron. Take a look….



I want to know at what moment did you first realize that football had the potential to take you far?

The moment when I knew that football had the potential to take me far is when I was in little league and I was getting invited to play in the all-star that was out of town, also when I started playing up levels.


Who is the most influential person(s) in your life right now that keeps you level-headed? 

My two Parents


What are your game day rituals?

When I wake up I turn on my sound bar and blast music in the house to wake everybody up so they can know what type of energy i’m on. Make sure I have everything for the game then head to school. So when we get to the field I put all my stuff up in the locker room and instantly leave to go walk the field. I get in my mode play some of my top songs while I walk then when I get to the opposite end zone I do a little celebration dance, then I say a little prayer then walk back to the locker room to get ready for pre game.


Obviously it’s your senior season, so what will you miss the most about playing at Lamar?

I will miss the brotherhood that we have formed together!


How would you best describe your playing style and what’s your favorite thing about your position?

I would describe my playing style as a YAC receiver. My favorite thing about my position is embarrassing the corners and getting in the end-zone


Which pro player(s) (current or retired) you relate to the most and why?

I would relate to Zay Flowers and Devante Adams


How have any of your high school coaches played an important role in your life?

My high school coaches have played an important role in my life by just they check up on me outside of school and just push me to be the best version of me.


Go into detail about what made you commit to Vanderbilt & why it’s the perfect fit.

What made me commit to Vanderbilt is first they are in the SEC and the SEC is the best conference you could play in in college football. Also I really trust the process that Coach Lea really have for the program and the organization. Also the academics side is something that is unbeatable there one of the top schools when it come to academics. A degree from the university would set you up after the football life and that’s what would carry forever.


If you wasn’t an athlete, what could you see yourself doing?

I could see myself being a business owner


What would you like for recruiters to know about you?

I would like recruiters to know that I can play the slot and the outside receiver. Also i’m not scared of anything I will go attack the ball, block for the runner, also make people miss while staying in bounds.


In your own words, define success.

Success in my own words is when you achieve your goal that you have been shooting for in life.

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