DR7 Dallas: Difference Makers

By Platform Scout: Nate Shivers @NathanielShive1


The DR7 Dallas Road To The Crown tournament undoubtedly showcased some of the most electrifying moments in competitive on the national tour this season. From jaw-dropping plays to suffocating defense, the tournament was a testament to the skill and determination of the players involved. Throughout the two days of intense action, there were standout performances from individuals who rose to the occasion and left a lasting impression on fans and scouts alike. These game-changers demonstrated their ability to thrive under pressure and make decisive contributions when it mattered most, solidifying their status as stars to watch on the gridiron.  The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure.


Nathaniel Ortega | Defensive Back  | SA Veterans Memorial High School | 7v7: Def Con Texas | Class of 2027 | X: @Nate0Cinco
Ortega was a consistent contributor for DR7 Dallas tournament champion Def Con Texas on both days. He showed his versatility by playing multiple positions including, slot receiver, cornerback and safety. He is a relentless worker, Ortega plays every snap with urgency, taking strategic angles defensively, he plays fast but under control and this allows him to shut down passing windows. He has a ballhawk mentality and attacks the ball in flight with a purpose. Ortega hauled in three interceptions over the weekend. Nathaniel turned one of his three turnovers into points, turning the tables on his opponent and taking it to the house for a touchdown to win the game! He plays with disciplined eyes, allowing him to process the play quickly, meeting the receiver at the catch point to knock the ball out, recording five pass break ups during Crown Sunday. Ortega brought a physical presence, combined with great ball skills, leaving no doubt that he is a playmaker.
Dmitry Schmidt | Wide Receiver | Byron Nelson High School | 7v7: Wallstreet Athletes | Class of 2025 | X: @D_Schmidty10
Schmidt understands how to get open finding holes in the defense, showing off a high football IQ and the ability to make plays in space. Dmitry has quick feet off the line of scrimmage, he is a savvy route runner and the change of direction to consistently gain separation when facing man or zone coverage. He is reliable when making contested catches, he is a sure handed receiver that can extend and make catches outside of his frame. He has the skill set that makes him a reliable target for his quarterback and he uses his lean, stout frame to his advantage to get open. His impressive weekend in Dallas showed that he is a playmaker with the football in his hands.
Julian Navarrete | Quarterback | Boerne Champion High School | 7v7: Def Con Texas |  Class of 2027 | X: @Julian_3tx
He is a smart decision maker that made very few mistakes on both days of the Dallas tournament. Julian has superb field vision, he has great anticipation, with ability to throw his receivers to open space in the defense, showing off his high football IQ. Julian has the mechanics you want to see when throwing the football, he has great throwing posture, combined with a strong, stern base from the ground up, which enables him to gain extra velocity when the ball leaves his hand. He has great leadership qualities and battles every snap. He plays with a swagger, his ability to communicate with his team in and outside of the huddle are traits in his game that come to the surface when he is on the field. He has the potential to be one of the top signal callers in his class as he continues to mature and grow his well rounded game.
Marcus Mccoy | Cornerback | Prosper High School | 7v7: Pride | Class of 2027 | X: @12x_marcus
Mccoy is a dynamic playmaker on the football field that can step in front of a quarterback’s pass at any moment! He really excels at off-man or zone and plays with tremendous competitive toughness that you want at the corner position. Mccoy is incredibly springy and explosive, having the movement skills that allow him to read and react to throws in an instant! His quick feet and transitional footwork allow him to stay in the receivers hip pocket when getting taken across the field laterally. Mccoy plays with great timing when arriving at the catch point, getting his hands in there to knock the ball away. A  young player who has a high ceiling, McCoy showed that he has the skill set to take on all challengers and he left no doubt that he is a playmaker.
Aazeryuan Voss | Athlete | SouthWest San Antonio High School | 7v7: Def Con Texas | Class of 2025 | X: @AazeryuanVoss11
Voss was one of the top playmakers on the Def Con Texas team that took home the Crown on Sunday! He is a long and rangy athlete, who plays on both sides of the ball, at receiver he is highly proficient and it shows in the way he plays the position. He is phonebooth quick, with oily hips, that enables him to get in and out of his breaks quickly and he was able to create separation at the top of his routes to get open consistently making him a reliable target for his quarterback. Defensively, when he lines up at cornerback there isn’t much that Voss can’t do, he completely locks down his side of the field! He is a feisty competitor, that plays the position with toughness and physicality. He showed off his great ball skills, Voss came away with the football on defense, totaling four interceptions and he got offensive, taking three of his picks for touchdowns. Voss was in my opinion the most valuable player on his championship team. He was a playmaker, just line him up anywhere on the field and watch him work.
Mason James | Wide Receiver | Norman North High School | 7v7: Sooner 7 |  Class of 2026 | X: @MasonJames_1
Mason James is an outstanding athlete with a stout frame and a large catch radius. James attacks the football in flight, he competes aggressively for balls in tight coverage and he wins on 50/50  jump balls making him a reliable target. James shows good flexibility and body control to make the tough catches when needed. He is an excellent red zone threat with his combination of height, length and he is an explosive leaper who plays above the rim. Mason is a very competitive football player that shows grit and willingness to make the big play for his team. With offers from schools such as Miami, Kansas State and Oregon, James has grabbed the attention of programs around the country. After his performance in Dallas, there is no doubt that his list of offers will continue to grow.

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