The Featured: Houston Shaw

By: Nick Gradney (National Scout)


Class of 2027 (ATH ) Houston Shaw (@houston_shaw5) was a star amongst stars this past weekend for Juice 7v7 (15U) at the DR7- New Orleans tournament. Shaw’s body of work the entire weekend was consistent and seemingly unstoppable. This kid is a human highlight reel. From spectacular catches, high or low, he showed deceptive speed, and advanced route running whenever he lined up. Houston brought his “A” Game to Louisiana. Shaw ran by defenders on both days in NOLA, he was featured heavily as the primary target offensively for most of their games. The 2027 standout has a solid, sturdy build that sets him apart from some of his peers. The chemistry between he and quarterback London Morgan was incredible. Their ability to be on the same page enabled them to hook up often, theses two had full use of the route tree, whether it was short, intermediate or deep routes, Morgan and Shaw were on point. The moment never got too big for Houston, in fact, his production seemed to increase as the tournament went on. Shaw moves fluidly, showing off his ability to move well in space, he has the skill set that enables him to get open early and often and that made him a reliable target within the Juice offense. The way he got off at the line of scrimmage and never tipped his routes with his eyes nor his stance is a trait that stood out in his game, which allowed him to flourish. He attacks the ball out of the air on every target and he was a handful for the defenses he faced, making him tough cover. Shaw’s game is one that needs to be seen up close! As he got into the flow of the game, you want to get eyes on him to see if he will get even more targets thrown his way. He plays fast, the way he moved without the ball shows that he competes at the same speed even if the play is not called for him, which caught my attention. Houston displayed his versatility, by lining up at multiple positions, which will help him see the field in the fall.  He showed that he has no limits in his game, which will enable him to see more snaps. Shaw attends Hyde Park High School in San Antonio, Texas and I expect him to make a big splash in the upcoming fall season. For now, expect to see him continue to tear up the 7v7 circuit in 2024. 








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