DR7 Road To The Crown Houston Texas: Pool Play Stock Risers

By Platform Scout: Patrick Barriere Sr. @coach_pat84


Texas has long been recognized as a hotbed for talented football players, and events like the DR7 Road To The Crown allows teams and players to play against top competition. The national tour brought together some of the top talent in the area, providing a platform for players to showcase their skills and elevate their stock.

Several players emerged as standout performers during the early pool play, catching the attention of scouts and spectators alike. Their impressive performances have undoubtedly bolstered their prospects and increased their visibility in the recruiting landscape.

The mission and goal of The Platform is to #ExposeTheUnexposed and provide adequate coverage of athletes around the country giving them exposure. As the spotlight shines on these rising stars, they continue to prove that Texas remains a breeding ground for exceptional football talent, with no shortage of players poised to make an impact when they step on the field.



Jovanni Dimando | Class of 2029 | Athlete | 7v7: SA Ducks

Jovanni Dimando’s versatility as an athlete allows him to contribute effectively on both offense and defense. As a great defender in space, he possesses the agility and awareness to cover ground and shut down passing lanes. His clean footwork allows him to move quickly, enabling him to evade defenders on offense or maintain tight coverage on defense. With his versatile skill set, he has the potential to impact the game significantly and emerge as a dominant force on both sides of the ball, whether through making crucial plays or creating scoring opportunities.



Henry Harris | Class of 2026 | Wide Receiver | 7v7: Elite House

Henry Harris’s performance during pool play on Saturday showcased his prowess as a big wide receiver, demonstrating his ability to dominate matchups with his size and athleticism. His impressive speed allows him to break away from defenders and create opportunities for deep plays, making him a formidable vertical threat in the passing game. With his offensive skills and knack for making impactful plays, he has established himself as a key offensive weapon capable of changing the course of a game. It’s no wonder he’s garnered offers from prestigious football programs like UTSA, Texas State, Texas Tech, Baylor, and California, indicating his potential to excel at the collegiate level and beyond.


Jordan Clay | Class of 2026 | Wide Receiver | 7v7: Elite House

Jordan Clay’s standout performance in Houston showcased his prowess as one of the premier pass catchers in Texas. Standing tall at 6’4″, he is a formidable target on the field, capable of out matching defenders with his imposing frame. What sets him apart is not just his size, but also his exceptional hands, the way he attacks the ball, snatching passes out of the air with ease. His route-running is precise, which enables him to get open often.

What truly separates Jordan is his remarkable speed and burst, enabling him to leave defenders in the dust as he accelerates downfield. This lethal combination of physical attributes and skill has earned him four-star recruit status, with prestigious college football programs vying for his commitment. Offers from powerhouse institutions like Baylor, Arizona State, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and a host of others are a testament to his talent and potential to make a significant impact at the collegiate level.



Lorenzo Lathan Jr | Class of 2027 | Athlete | 7v7: Macs Speed

Loren Lathan Jr made a significant impression early on during pool play, showcasing his knack for making game-changing plays. His aggressive defensive style, combined with his impressive speed and superb agility, makes him a formidable opponent on the field. Lathan’s relentless energy and high motor allow him to consistently disrupt opposing offenses and make crucial stops.

Lathan is a threat on the offensive end, capable of turning plays into big gains with the ball in his hands. Whether it’s intercepting passes, breaking up plays, or creating scoring opportunities, he demonstrates versatility and he makes an impact on both sides of the ball. With his dynamic skill set and determination, Lathan Jr is undoubtedly a player to watch for his ability to make a difference on every snap.

️Dorian Rogers  | Class of 2027 | Defensive Back | 7v7: Money Squad

Dorian Rogers wasted no time in proving himself as a defensive standout during pool play, showcasing his ability to make game-changing plays. As a sticky defender with excellent ball skills, he consistently disrupts passing lanes and makes it difficult for receivers to get open. Rogers excels as a high-level cover corner, thriving in man-to-man coverage where his skills truly shine.

His ability to play fast, along with his exceptional eye discipline and high football IQ, sets him apart as a true student of the game. Rogers’ agility is a key asset, allowing him to move fluidly in space and maintain tight coverage on receivers. With his combination of skills and instincts, Rogers is a defensive force to be reckoned with, capable of making an impact on every play.


Rhyder Allison Butler | Class of 2028 | Linebacker | 7v7: SA Ducks

Rhyder Butler showed the qualities of standout linebackers with his exceptional skill set. His ability to see the field well allows him to anticipate plays and react swiftly, making him a valuable asset on defense. Butler’s intelligence and football IQ enable him to make smart decisions and effectively play pass defense well.

Butler’s physical attributes are equally impressive. He has a stout build at 5’10” and 180 pounds, he moves well in space, allowing him to cover ground and make plays all over the field. His strength and physicality are evident in his ability to be strong at the point of attack in pass coverage.

One of Butler’s strengths is his proficiency in playing the passing lanes, disrupting opposing offenses and creating turnovers. With his combination of intelligence, athleticism, and physicality, Rhyder Butler is a force to be reckoned with at the linebacker position, capable of making a significant impact when he’s on the field.

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