Platform Spotlight: Class of 2027 Defensive Back Caleb Cruz

By Platform Scout: Nathan Shivers @NathanielShive1



Caleb Cruz’s journey as an emerging cornerback in the class of 2027 in Texas is a testament to his exceptional work ethic and dedication to his craft. After completing his freshman season as a defensive starter for Odessa Permian, Cruz has earned recognition as one of the promising talents in the state. His commitment to improvement is evident in his relentless drive to hone his skills, demonstrated by his willingness to travel five hours from Odessa to Dallas to work with renowned defensive back coach, Coach Flight, for the past two years.

On the field, Cruz showcases a rare blend of natural talent and technical prowess. His fluid backpedal, superb hip flexibility and his ability to change directions quickly enables him to mirror receivers effectively and contest passes with confidence. His disciplined approach to each play ensures that he maintains optimal leverage and positioning, allowing him to disrupt passing lanes and limit the effectiveness of opposing receivers.

What sets Cruz apart is not just his coverage abilities, but also his willingness to contribute in run support. He displays a physicality and fearlessness when tackling ball carriers, showcasing his versatility as a cornerback who can excel in all facets of the game.

Seeing extensive time as a freshman starter for Odessa Permian, Cruz has already amassed an impressive resume, tallying 14 pass breakups in the regular season and delivering shutdown performances in two playoff games. His early success has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the camp invites he’s received from notable collegiate programs such as Arizona and Vanderbilt.

As Cruz continues to refine his skills and mature as a player, there’s no doubt that he will emerge as a highly sought-after prospect on the recruiting trail. With his combination of talent, work ethic, and potential, Cruz has proven that he is one of the top defenders in his class. Caleb is competing in track and field on the Panther varsity track team as a freshman, excelling in the long jump, 4×100 and 4×400 relays. Has the traits that college programs covet in top flight cornerbacks. Cruz will see some snaps on the offensive side of the ball for Permian this fall, this will allow him to display his athleticism with the football in his hands and show even more how much of a dynamic playmaker that he is. College programs should get eyes on him this offseason, which will increase his stock on the recruiting trail.


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